How areyour plantsdoing?

Track your plants from seed until harvest for free with Sprout Path. Never forget to water, transplant, or care for your plants again.


A better way to track your crops

Designed for small growers, Sprout Path keeps track of your crops' lifecycles.

Track your crops

Keep track of your crops with nicknames and group them into separate growing spaces. View your upcoming tasks grouped by space, or look at your dashboard to see exactly what your tasks are for today.

Create growing plans

Growing plans are templates of growing steps that you can pre-apply to new crops, letting you build up a library of plans that you know work for you.

Historical logs

Remember what growing techniques work the best. Sprout Path allows you to keep a historical log of all of your crops, letting you look back in the past to help your future.

More coming soon

More features are coming soon, such as a mobile app, recurring tasks, notifications, harvest tracking, and more.